The SIM868,SIM808,SIM800C,and SIM800L in BYIPCB electronic

There is no doubt that the future world is belonged to IOT module.
Such as GSM and GPRS module, Byi electronic engineers had developed some modules of IOT.

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Byi electronic sell IOT module is based on SIM868,SIM808,SIM800C and SIM800L module.
From the site you can check with the LoNet808, LoNet800C and LoNet808,.Also there were have sold in Seediuo and Tindie for a long time.

When you use the GSM,GPRS module to design the IOT module, maybe you can find the Byi electronic.

                        LoNet800C  LonNet800L  LoNet808


                        SIM800C and SIM800L

                               SIM808 and SIM868


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