Customers own inventory

Components library is the components stock of the BYIPCB Electronics.

There are various types of chips,resistance,capacitance,LED,Diodes.Most of components are the international brand.

For example,the capacitance with the Samsung and Avx,chips with the ST, Microchip and TI.These vendors with BYIPCB is a long-term partner for many years.

From the part library, customer can search the components.You can find the price and Datasheet from the search interface.

The stock of components,It is convenience for customers to get components faster in the project.It is better to shorten the components delivery date. Generally, when you buy the components from Digi-key or Mouser to China. It will takes about 7 to 9 working days.

But if you choose to the BYIPCB part library components that you can have the material instantly.

BYIPCB's part library is strive to become the customer's inventory. At the same time, we will further  increase the types of components.

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