The sample productions in BYIPCB

BYIPCB provides a sample and mass production requirements.Today,we are talking about BYIPCB samples production.

Many companies is not willing to make sample orders about the PCB assembly.Against such a situation, BYIPCB put forward start from 1 samples.And quote the reasonable market price,  accepting customer order any samples.

Why can BYIPCB accept sample orders?Because BYIPCB opens up two sample production line, one is the manual produce, the other is the machine.

Some customer samples of the board is relatively complex.In order to improve the accuracy, BYIPCB bought a series of high progress of small SMT machine,it can satisfy the production requirements of the sample.

Such as 1-50 pieces of orders.Because the sample process as more as the production process.So the samples price is higher, and deliverly is very long.Do not meet the production needs of customers.

Assembly the panel boards

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