PCBA Files Required

PCB Assembly needs a few files in order for us to start your PCBA work. Please Send the following files to us in proper format. You will have two options to send these files to us, one is through our online webpage, the other is to send via email.

We require the following files to generate a quotation for our assembly service.

1. PCB Gerber Files Required for PCB fabrication.
2. PCB Specifications Required for PCB fabrication, e.g. PCB color, thickness or sort of surface finishing.
3. BOM (Bill of Materials) Required for components procurement and PCB assembly.
4. PCBA Specifications Required for PCB assembly.

1. PCB Gerber Files

As default, we accept Gerber files in RS-274X format. We also accept the following layout files:

  • PROTEL *.PCB/DDB (IMPORTANT: please provide your Protel version to avoid any conversion errors)

If you convert a file to RS-274X format, please ensure the output includes the following files:

  • GTL Gerber top layer
  • GTO Gerber top verlay
  • GTS Gerber top solder
  • GBL Gerber bottom layer
  • GBO Gerber bottom layper
  • GBS Gerber bottom solder
  • GKO Gerber keepout layer
  • DRD Excellon drill files 

2. PCB Speficications

Green (Default)

PCB Color

Green, blue, white, yellow, red, black

Board Size

Wide and length of PCB in millimeter, max. 500x500mm

1.6mm (Default)

PCB Thickness

0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm

White (Default)


Nomal White, Black for White PCB

1oz (Default)

Finished Copper

Iner Layper Copper Thickness:0.5oz(17um)

HASL (Default)

Surface Finishing

HASL Lead Free(Hot air solder leveling)
ENIG(Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)

3. BOM (bill of materials)

BOM shows what kinds of part will be mounted on PCB, and where these parts should be placed. We accept the BOM in the format of .xls, xlsx or .csv.

What must be included in a BOM?
  • Reference: Identifies where components will be mounted on PCBs.
  • MPN: Manufacturer Part Number of components.
  • Quantity: What quantity need for per part number.

Here's part of a BOM as an example based on the items mentioned above.

Reference MPN Quantity
C3 C0603C220J5GACTU 0
C20,C31 C0603C105K4RACTU 2
S1,S2 MJTP1230 2
J1 PH-254-0202 1
U7  ATmega328P-AU 1
Y1    CSTCE16M0V53-R0 1

BOM template: Click here to download

4. PCBA Specifications


Number of pads for all surface mounted parts on each board.
Eg. capacitor C0603C220J5GACTU has 2 pads.


Number of thru-holes for all through hole parts on each board.
Eg. button MJTP1230 has 4 thru-holes.

Here's part of a BOM as an example shows how to calculate number of SMT pads and Thru-holes. Number of SMT pads is 51 per board, number of thru-holes is 12 per board.

Reference QTY MPN SMT-pads Thru-holes
C3 1 C0603C220J5GACTU 2 0
C20,C31 2 C0603C105K4RACTU 4 0
5 GRM188R60J106KE47D
10 0
S1,S2 2 MJTP1230 0 8
J1 1 PH-254-0202 0 4
U7 1  ATmega328P-AU 32 0
Y1 1    CSTCE16M0V53-R0 3 0

51 12