PCB Assembly Capabilities

DeeGou has state-of-the-art assembly plants that allow us to follow your project through every step of the assembly process. We handle all types of pcb assembly, from basic thru hole PCB assembly to standard surface mount PCB assembly to ultra-fine pitch BGA assembly.

Our state-of-the-art assembly equipment enable us to meet all your PCBA needs under one roof in an inexpensive way, our Printed Circuits Boards Assembly Capability includes but not limited to what are listed below, as we are updating our equipment constantly to keep us on the cutting edge. If your PCB Assembly demands are beyond these capabilities, please contact us at byipcb@byipcb.com, we will respond if we can do or not within 24 hours.

Full turnkey We cover the whole process, including PCB fabrication, components procurement, and PCB assembly.
Lead time 1-5 days, 1-2 weeks, or scheduled deliveries

Prototype quantity, 1- 100 pcs 

Small to medium quantity: 100 - 5000 pcs

Type of solder Lead-free: RoHS compliant
Component types

SMT 0402 or larger

BGA 12mils pitch

Fine pitch 15mils

Cable & wire

Assembly types

Single or double sided assembly

Thru-hole assembly or SMT (surface mount) assembly

PCB specifications

PCB size smaller than 30 mm must be panelized.

Max: 500x450 mm

Rigid, flex and rigid-flex boards

Surface finish: lead / lead-free HASL, ENIG

SMT parts presentation

Cut tape
Partial reel
Stencils Laser-cut stainless steel
Miscellaneous IC programming, custom testing, free DFM checking

Sample PCBA Prototype

Please click below button to get an instant quote for your custom PCB assembly requirements. If you want to reach us through email directly, please send your message to byipcb@byipcb.com. We will be in touch within 24 hours.