About Price

Components Price

1. If you choose the components from Mouser, Digi-key or Element11. The prices of these components have a 20-30% extra costs based on the distributor price. The extra costs include of our duties , shipping fee and labor cost for pruchasing these components.

2. If you choose our stock components, you will have competitive prices. We has a lower price through bulk pruchase, so we can supply you a competitive prices. For the detailed price, please visit our parts library.

Assembly Cost

Assembly cost depends on how many SMD pads and THT pins of your boards. 

Start-up cost
$45 Start up cost, this price includes the charge of  PCB stencil.
Per SMT price$0.02
Surface mount device, e.g. resister with 0603 package is calculated as 2 SMD pads
Per THT  price$0.04 Through hole, e.g. IC with DIP18 package is calculated as 18 THT pins.

Testing Fee

According to test time need for each PCBA board.

If there's any question or concern about our prices, please feel free to reach our sales team at byipcb@byipcb.com