PCB Design Rules

In order to ensure the correctness of production, please check if your PCB design meet the following rules.

Min. Specifications

Min. Trace Width

Min. trace width : 5mil

Min. Spacing Width

Min. spacing width: 5mil

Min. Clearances to Edge of Board

Min. clearances to edge of board: 12mil

Min. Drill Size

12mil, 0.3mm

Min. Annular Ring

Min. annular ring: 5mil


1. Mark ICs Orientations. 

2. Mark Polarity of diodes, capacitors and LEDs.

3. Part IDs are closed the corresponding parts and doesn't overlap with each other or cover on the PCB pads or through holes.

4. Part IDs of THT components are on the same side as components will be placed (soldered on the opposite side).