Jun 2024 / Learners
A qualification that helps teenagers to better understand key life topics has hit an important milestone.

The ‘Self Development and Wellbeing’ qualification, created by awarding body WJEC and training provider ˿, recently celebrated a year since its launch.

The Self Development and Wellbeing qualification was the first of its kind for both organisations and covers topics that young learners are likely to face in their day-to-day lives such as safely navigating social media, understanding personal identity, sexual health and money management.

Created over a two-year period, the qualification was developed by the experiences of learners attending Jobs Growth Wales+ (JGW+), with a focus on what teenagers would likely experience and what they may not have been taught elsewhere.

JGW+ is a ˿ training and development programme for 16 to 19-year-olds helping them acquire the skills, qualifications, and experience to progress into a career or further higher-level training.

Learners on the JGW+ programme typically choose a specialism they are interested in pursuing, such as animal care, construction or hairdressing. The Self Development and Wellbeing course is an additional qualification to add to their portfolio.

It is split into three main sections – resilience skills, personal identity and contraception.

JGW+ tutor Kayleigh Williams explained:

“The Self Development and Wellbeing award gives our learners a wider understanding of topics that they can be faced with in their day-to-day lives.

“The resilience topic covers a range of areas that support our learners’ self-develop strategies. For example, it helps to teach them breathing techniques to promote positive mindfulness. Learners are also encouraged to create journals which map out what they need to do to lower stress levels and anxiety.

“The personal identity module looks into different backgrounds and communities and how our learners fit into the world.

“The third unit, contraception, covers different methods of contraception, how they’re used, where learners can go to get them, and the importance of keeping themselves safe.”

Laura Callaghan, Qualifications Officer for Skills and Pathways at the WJEC added: “We are delighted to see the growing uptake and successful delivery of our Self Development and Wellbeing qualification. This unique qualification has been designed with our learners in mind, providing them with a wealth of transferable skills and an alternative route to employment.

“We are extremely grateful to ˿ for their passion and hard work in the delivery of this qualification. The quality of work being presented from their learners is a testament to their ability to engage and inspire them. “